People who are already retired

Many people believe that, once you retire, the financial side of life will automatically become organised; you have reached your goal and can now relax.

Sadly, as many often find, this is simply not the case.

Managing your money, whether that’s your pensions, savings or investments, requires ongoing decision making. Additionally, if you retired without putting a proper financial plan in place, it’s not too late to make those all-important changes.

We work with people who have already retired to maintain careful management of their finances, live out their desired lifestyle and leave a meaningful financial legacy for their loved ones to enjoy.

We can help you…

  • Enjoy the present whilst planning for the future. Our first job is to get to know you, your situation, needs and objectives. We will discuss, in depth, what it is you want from life; we call this financial engineering, and it will drive our tailor-made recommendations and solutions.
  • Establish your financial reality. You may well have concerns about the sustainability of your finances. We will establish the value of your existing pensions, savings and investments in line with your outgoings, in order to paint a full picture of your financial reality. We will show you what your existing capital means for your retirement. Whilst many fear they’re spending too much and may run out of money eventually, it may be the case that you have more than you think.
  • Assess whether Equity Release could be beneficial. Equity Release could help you to unlock some of the value in your home in order to fund your lifestyle in retirement. However, it is a big decision and requires careful professional guidance. Find out more in our helpful guide.
  • Implement any necessary changes. A plan is only as good as its implementation. Once you are 100% happy with our recommendations, we will implement any necessary changes and cement your secure financial future.

For your family, we can help you…

  • Discuss important matters. At this stage of life, it is important that your spouse and family members are aware of your wishes. We will help ensure that proper plans are in place to distribute your assets accordingly.
  • Support your children and grandchildren. Your family are of utmost importance to you; helping them financially may well be one of your goals. If you’d like to help your family through financial gifts during your retirement, we can put a plan in place to make it a reality.
  • Make the most of what you have. We will ensure your money is positioned in the most fruitful way possible. We will discuss and review tax liabilities, establish how Pension Freedoms can help and manage your assets to ensure maximum returns, so you have more money to both enjoy now and save for your family in the future.
  • Plan for unexpected scenarios. The plan we create will answer ‘what if?’ scenarios, such as the need for long-term care or the death of your spouse, so that you and your family remain financially stable no matter the situation.
  • Establish a legacy. We will help you leave a financial legacy that is as large as possible, without it being detrimental to your present-day life.

Our ongoing service

Our financial planning service doesn’t end there. We build long-term relationships with our clients and schedule regular reviews to ensure your plan is in accordance with your needs, objectives and aspirations. If anything changes, as life often does, you can rest assured we’ll be right there to get you back on track.