What our clients say

“I have been very happy with the help I have received from Ergowealth,.I needed help with my various pensions and what I should do with them and how I could set up a new pension moving forwards as I have been self-employed for a number of years. I am not a ‘finance’ person and i was provided with the appropriate advice and guidance as I requested.  He also helped me set up Income Protection cover which I didn’t think would be possible. I now feel very comfortable with the steps taken for my current financial needs. Ergowealth were very professional and easy to deal with, they have a friendly office atmosphere and everyone I have spoken with has been very professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Ergowealth.”

Gill, Buckinghamshire, a client since 2017

“I needed financial advice after my husband died. We would have needed advice about pensions when he retired but that was some years away. I found Ergowealth through the FCA website. They comprehensively assessed my financial position and took a lot of time and trouble to find out what was important to me for the future. I knew very little about finance but They were paitient and took their time to explain the options and I’m learning. I feel confident in their knowledge and experience, and that they gave me the best advice in the light of what I tell him. There’s no way I could have known the best way to manage my money without their help, and I feel as financially secure as anyone can in an unpredictable world.”

Miriam, Buckinghamshire, a client since 2018

“Lesley was recommended to me by my solicitor in 2015. After a very messy divorce, I needed some honest advice about how to invest a substantial amount of money for me and my family’s future. Lesley guided me through the process in a calm and knowledgeable manner. She is a very positive person who always explains things carefully and makes you feel that you are in complete control of your investment. I feel very safe in her hands and know that she will do what is right with my money in order that our future will be bright.”

Ms P, Christchurch, a client since 2015

“Fifteen years ago, we faced a large Inheritance Tax bill since our parents had done little financial planning. We did not want to make the same mistake and, although we were reasonably financially aware, we needed professional help. Lesley Mansfield helped us to organise our affairs by setting up Trusts, investing in a ‘care’ policy for our later lives and by setting up insurance policies that will help with any future Inheritance Tax bills. She also advised on the appointment of stock brokers and other legal and trust specialists. We now maximise our financial position with a minimum of worries, enabling us to enjoy our retirement to the full whilst also assisting in developing our grandchildren. We are delighted with the job she has done for us – and with the close personal relationship we have developed with her over many years and are very pleased to endorse Lesley and Ergowealth.”

Mr and Mrs W, Frimley Green, clients since 2003