Our Philosophy

Our name is derived from the famous expression “cogito ergo sum”, meaning “I think therefore I am”. First proposed by the French philosopher Rene Descartes in the 16th Century, it is now a fundamental element of Western philosophy, perceived to form the foundation for all knowledge. Our company logo also incorporates the mathematical symbol () used to represent therefore to reinforce the logical process which sits behind our professional financial planning.

We take our clients through a logical process to assess their needs and evaluate the steps we need to take to get them there. We don’t just guess and we don’t just jump to conclusions. For our clients we are the link between where they are and where they want to be. We can construct a tailored financial plan targeted at delivering just that. We call this Financial Engineering.

Our financial planners are experienced, qualified professionals who work for Ergowealth and its clients. Each adviser is supported by a dedicated Technical Analyst and an administrator who work as a  team on your behalf. All our people hold qualifications relevent to their role, and have many years of expericence with the financial services industry.
We make sure our clients’ fees are transparent, and are understood and agreed before we start any work. Our clients can choose the basis on which we are paid; either on a time spent basis or project fee,  whether we are working on the initial set up of their investment strategy or providing ongoing oversight of their portfolio. Unlike many firms, our fees are not calculated as a percentage of the value of our clients’ investment portfolios, a practice we regard as old-fashioned and inappropriate for our clients.

Because we believe that investing your money should be done by the experts, our clients’ investments are managed externally by leading UK regulated financial institutions. Our role is to create an investment strategy for our clients, to find them the right investment manager, and to regularly review how that investment is performing. Our skill lies in knowing who the experts are, ensuring their investment strategy meets our clients’ objectives and that they continue to do so over time, even if investment markets or our clients’ needs change.

Quite apart from the level of fund charges applied or the performance achieved, the biggest danger to those with invested retirement funds is failing to manage them on an ongoing basis

Sean Walsh
Investment & Advice Director